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Team members January 2017:



Currently: Daniel Kaiser (BBSR – Projekt: Bewässerte Gründächer) (left), Manfred Köhler (middle),
Claire Diebel (right): Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, project „upfarming“.

Claire Diebel explain her Upfarming project.
Impression of teaching biodiversity to the students; by Kelly in October 2013.
Team member tour to the Garden exhibition in Prenzlau to learn more about irrigation systems; with (left to right: Daniel, Cristian, Yair, Manfred).

Christian Rares Nistor (on the left side on the picture), is responsible for the project: "Living Walls"; supported by “Zukunft Bauen”, BBSR;
since December 2012 for 2 years.

Daniel Kaiser; Ms. sc. (on the right hand side):
After the successful finalization of his master thesis “Vertical indoor greening systems” in May 2013, he is now employee in the project:
Green roofs and Rain water management; by PTJ Jülich; INIS – Verbundproject: Konzepte for urban Rain water management and sewer systems, Teilvorhaben 8.” Coordinated by “Kompetenzzentrum Water Berlin”.
This project begun in June 2013, duration 3 years.

Kelly Ksiazek, Fullbright stipendium, phd candidate, comming from Chicago,

Theme: Pollination, biodiversity and green roof plant development,
From January to October 2013

Kolja Klaue (since many years), scientist; responsible for all software configuration to let the data collection all around the year.

Marco Schmidt: Cooperation since the beginning in the mid 1980th. Several projects and publication together; like the “Building of Physics – Berlin Adlershof; see: here
Marco Schmidt is the specialist in green roof data collection and processing and many questions about the rain water management in Cities.




Collaboration in the Univ. of Applied Sciences with:
- Zoological aspects, Prof. Dr. M. Gruenwald,
- Environmental Chemistry, Prof. Dr. G. Flick.

University of Applied Sciences Wismar:
- Civil engineering, Prof. Dr. W. Malorny

Current student works with Diploma, Bachelor, Master and PHD – such as:
- Felix Milbrandt, Neubrandenburg Master student, (Living Walls and noise reduction).
- Henry Rieschmüller, The potential of Urban roof farming
- Gordon Borchert, Green roof potential of Neubrandenburg.
- Lena Hansen and Franzika Richter: The City Biodiversity Index.