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News 2015

Also 2015 a lot of exchange about Green roof and living wall activities:
As examples:
-The FLL will finalize the guideline “Wandgebundene Begrünungen” (guideline for Green facades and living walls).
-Also a lot of activities around the update of the Guideline about green roofs – several meetings will take place in 2015.

Conferences and lectures:
See the FBB – Ditzingen event: It is the 25th Year of the FBB, the celebration will take place March 5th 2015 in Ditzingen.

April 20th- 21th Istanbul; IGRA Congress

April 25th : EFB meeting in Czech.

5th-8th October 2015: GRHC in New York:

Nov. 5. – 7. : Singapore – Skyrise Greenery conference:

Nov. 19th  – 22th : Kunming, China; IRLA;

Highlight in the Year 2015 will be: WGIC 2015; Nagoya: Dates:  14.-16. Nov. 2015