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News 2014

Selected activity highlights 2014

January 17th: FLL – Living Wall – Guideline group meeting in Bonn
January 20th: EU – Commission: Biodiversity and Green infrastructure; a strategic meeting.

February 12th: FBB – Member meeting in Ditzingen
February 13th: FBB – Green roof symposium

February 20th: Bautec Berlin: FBB symposium: Lecture about Living walls

February 23th – March 6th: Shanghai, China, Seminars at the DETAO – education Center.

March 23th – March 31th: Shanghai, China, Seminars at the DETAO academy
April 7th to April 12th: EU-Leonardo-Exchange programe; visiting guests from Poland, Seminar about green architecture in Neubrandenburg and Berlin.
May 19th – 22th: Sao Paulo: Green infrastructure conference. TeCobi Expo 2014

September: 17th- 19th: Trade show “GaLaBau Nürnberg”; auf dem gemeinsamen FLH-Stand;
September 29th – October 4th (Second date of Leonardo – exchange programe with Poland.
October 7th – 10th     Sydney – WGIC – Congress.
October 15th FBB Living Wall event in Berlin.
October 17th to 12th: IRLA Congress, Quingdao, China;
December (first week) 2nd date in the year for a Green infrastructure seminar, in the DETAO, Master Academy, Shanghai.